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Patient Online

What will I have access to?


In addition to the existing online services that are currently available to our patients, including booking GP appointments and repeat prescription ordering and partial coded medical records, patient's will be able to view the following aspects of their medical records;


  • Allergies/adverse reactions
  • Immunisations
  • Problems/diagnoses
  • Procedure codes (medical or surgical) and codes in consultations (signs, symptoms)
  • Results
  • Medication
  • Values (such as blood pressure readings)
  • Coded referrals made


From 1st June 2017, by agreeing to sign up for online access you are giving permission for the POD to access and process your online prescription requests and access your medical records on behalf of the practice.


For information on how to sign up for Patient Access or i-Patient once you've received your registration letter from the practice, please click here.

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Is there anything that I won't be able to see on my record?


Please note that the following aspects of your record will not be available to view at this stage;


  • Free text information - for example notes made by the clinician during a consultation.
  • Letters and attachments - for example letters that have been received from secondary care or referral letters from the GP to a health service provider.
  • Administrative items - for example diary recall entries or other administrative notes that have been recorded by the practice.


Can anyone apply for access?


Access to online services is avaible to all registered patients.


The practice will be required to authorise requests for access to detailed coded records on each individual patient basis. This means that the the GP will be responsible for deciding whether an application is appropriate. There may be instances where the practice is not able to enable this online facility where it is considered that access to such information would not be in the patient's best interests because it is likely to cause serious harm to;


  • The patient's physical or mental health, or
  • The physical or mental health of any other person.
  • The information includes a reference to any third party who has not consented to disclosue.


Patient's will be informed of the outcome of their access requests by the practice once the authorisation process is complete.


Apply for access to Patient Access by clicking here.


Can I apply for access as a parent or carer of a registered patient?


Giving access to online services on behalf of another patient is referred to as proxy access.


Family members or carers can access a patient's medical record online only in circumstances where the patient has consented to this or if the patient lacks capacity and the applicant can provide evidence that they have been granted the power to manage the patient's affairs (ie has Power of Attorney).


Adults with parental responsibility of a child may apply for access to the child's online medical records in addition to the other patient online services. Where a child is aged between 11 and 16 years, the practice may determine that it is appropriate for consent to be obtained from the young person prior to access being released.


Further information relating to proxy access to online medical records will be available from the practice upon request.


How can I access Patient Online?


The practice currently uses a service called 'Patient Access' for patients to access the information stated above, please click on the link at the top of this page to access it.

Patient Online - safe access to online GP records

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