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We are committed to making our services accessible for young people and signposting patients in need of help, support or information from expert services such as counselling and sexual health clinics. If you have any questions or would like some more advice about the information below, speak to your GP.

Services for Young People

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Sexual Health

We have compiled some information and links where you will be able to find local services that provide contraception, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception as well as what to do and where to go if you think you have a sexually transmitted infection.


If you just want to find out more about something, whether that is a type of contraception or a common sexually transmitted infection or what happens if you decide to have an abortion, please see the information below.




Contraception Guide (via NHS Choices)


Fertility (via NHS Choices)


Sex and Young People (via NHS Choices)


STIs (via NHS Choices)


Local Clinics and Services


Contraceptive Clinics


Emergency Contraception (via Office of Public Health - Dudley)


GUM (Genito-Urinary Medicine) Clinic (via Dudley Group of Hospitals)


External Links


A young person's sexual health website is also available at

Mental Health and Counselling

Life is like a journey with its up and downs, stops and starts, and sometimes lack of direction. Occasionally we turn into corners of confusion wondering which way to go and whether we have any control over it.


All of this adds up to the stresses and strains we all experience which, if allowed to build-up, can cause exhaustion and lead to ill-health. Stress can affect all aspects of our lives and relationships mainly because we haven’t got the energy to deal with, or enjoy the activities of everyday life.


We have sourced some information some local services for you to read about below.




Anxiety and Panicky (via NHS Choices)


Anorexia Nervosa (via NHS Choices)


Low Mood and Depression (via NHS Choices)


Tips for coping with Depression (via NHS Choices)


Local Services and Self-Help Information


Mental Health Helplines (via NHS Choices)


NHS Talking Therapies - Online Self-Referral (via NHS Choices)


To find out more information about mental health services for young people in your area, please click here.